Electrostatic Powderspray


Rilsan, Resicoat, Halar ECTFE and various Fluoropolymer coatings can be applied by electrostatic powder spaying. The coating procedure is:


  • Check metal products on arrival to ensure they are suitable for coating.
  • Grit blasting SA 2,5 or 3 and remove dust.
  • Preheat the products in ovens to above the melting temperature of the powder coating.
  • Apply electrostatic powder coating. After product preheating, the powder is sprayed on the product. The difference in electric potential between the powder and surface causes the powder to be drawn to the surface. After spraying, the product is placed in the oven to melt or cure the powder. This procedure is repeated until the desired coating thickness is reached.
  • Check the coating thickness and in some cases test the pore-freedom of the coating after the construction has cooled down.

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